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Dear Residents,


The Hadera Development Fund, a small and modest body, has been implementing large projects for the benefit of local residents for about twenty years.

Every shekel raised by the fund is intended solely for public purposes, and every shekel has a specific destination:

These include an early childhood center, our science program, raising environmental awareness among teenagers, the empowerment of women, addressing the needs of families of children with special needs, the signing of historical sites in the city, the construction of public buildings, and more.

I freely admit that I always see before me the Jerusalem Fund that the late Teddy Kollek founded as early as 1966. The fund has raised over one and a quarter billion dollars for social and public purposes in the city.

That is what I aspire to for the Hadera Development Fund - to be a leading body that successfully implements large-scale projects with huge budgets.

We receive support and assistance from leading figures in the Israeli economy and we aim to increase, enhance and expand the fund's scope of activities for the benefit of us all - the residents of Hadera.

May those doing this important work be strong and of good courage,


Tzvika Gendelman

Mayor of Hadera and Chair of the Hadera Development Fund