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The Hadera Development Fund was established in 1994 as a nonprofit organization with no political affiliations. The Hadera Development Fund works on behalf of the City of Hadera and all its residents, and is fully committed to the vision of Hadera as a green city; a home to the many immigrant communities that have settled here, and a city that respects and values cultural heritage and diversity as a cornerstone to its future development.


The Hadera Development Fund works to identify the unmet needs of the city's residents and to formulate a response.  Through coordinating with other organizations operating in the city, the Hadera Development Fun effectively utilizes the city's resources in the delivery of its programs. In developing effective partnerships with the local business sector, the Hadera Development Fund strengthens bonds between the city, community and commerce.



The Hadera Development Fund strives to promote the quality of life of all residents of the city, is committed to delivering programs that respond to changing community needs and that encourage the inclusion of all residents in community and civic life.


The Hadera Development Fund has developed a network of programs for low-income and immigrant families, ensuring that opportunities and services are available for disadvantaged children and youth.  These opportunities help young people make the positive choices in education and recreation necessary for a meaningful future as valuable members of Israeli society.


We are committed to the preservation of the city's cultural and historic heritage, and to value the environment and open spaces of Hadera - the green place.